Smart-Pore™ presentation

Smart-Pore™ consists of 4 independent channels. The larger upper parts are the input channels and measure approximately 500μm x 60μm x 10mm. Each fluid line ends with a thin microfluidic channel: the biopores. These are biomimetic channels representing the sweat pore of a human body. They have a width of 60μm, a height of 60μm and a length of 2mm. These biopores lead to a flat surface representing the skin.

The photo shows a chip filled with artificial sweat. The four fluid lines appear yellow thanks to the fluorescent dye, with the liquid flush on the surface.

Picture from Smart-Pore™ filled with artificial sweat

This video illustrates the physical-chemical interaction that occurs when we apply an antiperspirant product under the armpits. For the first time, Smart-Pore™, allows you to visualise this interaction. An innovative technology enabling the cosmetics industry to optimise their formulations.

Smart-Pore™ has the same surface wetting properties as human skin.

Smart-Pore™ in 40 seconds