About Us


Microfactory, a Parisian a start-up coming from one of the best microfluidic laboratories, the MMN laboratory from the (www.mmnlab.com) ESPCI (www.espci.fr) is created by three co-founders. Their goal is to enhance their know-how in microfluidic by making it available to manufacturers.

The Team

Our team is uniquely equipped with a diverse range of expertise specifically tailored to drive your projects to success. We specialize across multiple domains, including microfluidics, which finds innovative applications in cosmetics, medical devices, and touch technology industries. This strong focus on specialized fields ensures that we bring precise and effective solutions to meet the complex needs of our clients. Each team member, from our engineers to our dedicated interns, is committed to leveraging their specialized knowledge for the advancement and innovation of your projects.

Fabrice Monti


Claire Poujouly

R&D Project Manager

Anaëlle Paillette

R&D Project Manager

Maxime Colin

R&D Technician

Arnaud Reitz

R&D Prototype Engineer

Our Partnerships

COS&CO and Microfactory collaborate by the intermediary of Pascale Barlier who is a cosmetics expert. She collaborates with the R&D team to produce the clients’ results and is a great consulting force to the company.

Sensenet and Microfactory collaborate to prove Smart-Pore™’s in vivo/in vitro correlation. This partnership allows scientific advancement in the field of antiperspirant efficiency.

CIDP and Microfactory collaborate on the in vivo/in vitro correlation of U-Skin™. This partnership has proven to be effective since U-Skin™ has been demonstrated to be correlated with CIDP’s in vivo’s results.