About Us


Microfactory, a Parisian a start-up coming from one of the best microfluidic laboratories, the MMN laboratory from the (www.mmnlab.com) ESPCI (www.espci.fr) is created by three co-founders. Their goal is to enhance their know-how in microfluidic by making it available to manufacturers.

The Team

The team is composed of a CTO, an engineer, a technician and two interns, one in R&D and one in Marketing/Communication.

Fabrice Monti


Maxime Colin

R&D technician

Claire Poujouly

R&D project technician

Ikfram Fyfy

Assistant R&D

Anaëlle Paillette

R&D project manager

Zoé O’Neill

Marketing communications manager

Our Partnerships

COS&CO and Microfactory collaborate by the intermediary of Pascale Barlier who is a cosmetics expert. She collaborates with the R&D team to produce the clients’ results and is a great consulting force to the company.

Sensenet and Microfactory collaborate to prove Smart-Pore™’s in vivo/in vitro correlation. This partnership allows scientific advancement in the field of antiperspirant efficiency.

CIDP and Microfactory collaborate on the in vivo/in vitro correlation of U-Skin™. This partnership has proven to be effective since U-Skin™ has been demonstrated to be correlated with CIDP’s in vivo’s results.