Microfactory SAS

Microfactory is a start-up specialized in Microfluidics, dedicated to the development, fabrication and commercialization of new instruments for the control of fluids at the micrometric scale.

Armpit-on-a-chipSpin-off of one of the first french laboratories in the subject, the Microfluidics lab of ESPCI (MMN), we invented an innovative instrument to revolutionize the domain of cosmetic testing. We aim to replace the ancient « Gravimetry » in vivo protocol by our quick and precise in vitro SOD4 microfluidic instrument.

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Services & ProductionMicrofluidics is a constantly growing field of science; over the years, it imposed itself as the technology that allows ultra-fast analysis combined with very low volume consumption. It is expected to have a huge impact on several industries like biotechnology, pharmaceutics, cosmetics, chemistry, gas or energy. Microfactory believes that this new domain must be popularized and wants to play a part in this microfluidic revolution. We propose a microfluidic foundry service, to share our know-how via consulting projects or via the custom production of high-quality microfluidic chips.

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