Sweat on demand 4 (SOD4): a must have in the field of cosmetic testing

Sweat-on demand 4 (SOD4) is the patented measuring instrument developed by Microfactory that enables the human sweating mechanism to be reproduced with great precision. SOD4 allows nanolitre-level control of sweat generation at rates similar to those of sweat glands. SOD4 combines with the Smart-Pore™ consumable to give the first instrument for testing the impact of sweat on cosmetic products in vitro.

How an antiperspirant test works

SOD4 regulates the flow inside Smart-Pore™ to keep sweat level with the pores’ surface. At the beginning of the experiment, the user spreads a given quantity of anti-perspirant on the surface of Smart-Pore™ and close the climatic chamber. Afterwards, the formation of the clogs inside the biopores can be observed with SOD4’s integrated microscope and the kinetics of the reaction quantified. During the experiment, the environmental conditions can be controlled (temperature and hygrometry). After the end of the experiment (typically after one hour) the instruments ramps up the pressure until unclogging happens. The unclogging pressure indicates the solidity of the clogs and thus the efficiency of the anti-perspirant.

With SOD4, you can start getting results on the efficiency of your anti-perspirant formulation after one hour, with additional data such as images of the kinetics of the clot formation deep inside the transparent pore.

An intuitive platform with a streamlined design

Microfactory has developed SOD4’s dedicated software Smart-Pore™ Reader to provide its user with an intuitive, user-friendly interface and clear protocols for their experiments.

The Smart-Pore™ Reader interface allos the user to control easily parameters such as temperature, hygrometry and the motorized movement of Smart-Pore™ for optical focus. After the experiments, results are automatically compiled and processed in excel form, with the main graphs already generated.

SOD4 in 50 seconds