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Our goal is to offer you the best solutions and services that microfluidics can bring. From the analysis of needs and design briefs to the conception and realization of components and tools, we accompany you all the way.


Microfactory offers a service to test your anti-perspirant formulation or cosmetic products. Our engineers will test a sample of your product on our Smart-Pore™ and SOD4 instrument and analyse the data. We will then provide you with a report with detailed results and analyses, and a video file with a time-lapse of the effect your product has on the sweat inside the pore.

You will be able to see firsthand the reliability and precision of our technology, and obtain these results within a week, far faster than any Contract Research Organization!

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You can also acquire our SOD4 and Smart-Pore™ systems in order to realize your tests in your own laboratry. The speed of our in vitro testing will provide you with a decisive edge in formulation research, with a capacity to test up to sixty formulations per month with a staff of only one person. Avoid the administrative complexity and length of gravimetry testing and take advantage of our user-friendly dedicated software to test new condition and customize the sweating rate, temperature and humidity of the testing environment within our controlled climatic chamber.

Customized and on-demand microfluidic chip manufacturing

Thanks to more than thirty years of experience in the microfluidic field and our access to the cutting edge technology of the laboratories of the Institut Pierre-Gille de Gennes in Paris, we realize on-demand production of small series of microfluidic systems and chips. To speed-up your project, we can also design the systems and channel according to your needs and define the relevant microfluidics parameters.

Our internal Quality Control will guarantee working systems of the highest quality.

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Consulting in Microfluidics

Microfluidics is a field of research whose possibilities are still greatly underexploited. From biotechnology to molecular chemistry to physics, it can offer new advances in characterisation and industrial processes. Microfactory offers its experience in scientific studies and industrial projects to help you answer complex challenges and overcome technological barriers.

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