Our Story

Microfactory is a start-up coming from one of the best microfluidic laboratories (www.mmnlab.com ) l’ESPCI (www.espci.fr). The microfluidic is a growing area with different fields applications, our goal is to enhance our know-how in microfluidic by making it available to manufacturers.

In 2016, we developed an artificial biomimetic pore for cosmetic application, tested by majors actors of this area. Smart-Pore™ is the first in vitro test for antiperspirant formulations and it is integrated in our measuring and control instrument SOD4.

The co-founders

The scientific and strategic committee is made up of three actors with complementary competences.

Fabrice Monti, CEO

PhD / HEC C+ / Co-founder & CEO


Jacques Lewiner

Co-founder / Professor and  Honorary Scientific / Serial entrepreneur


Patrick Tabeling

Co-founder / Research Director in CNRS / Head of the Microfulidics lab at ESPCI (Paris)