SOD4 Technology

Efficiency is one of the key argument for antiperspirants. However, to assess this parameter, only one ancient test method is available: gravimetry. Antiperspirant efficacy is assessed on a panel of volunteers, resulting in long and costly processes.

Today, Microfactory proposes to revolutionize the efficacy test area through a novel method based on microfluidic technology.



In Vitro efficacy test for antiperspirants

Instrument SOD4A novel alternative to gravimetry

Microfactory invented a patented instrument to assess rapidly and precisely the efficacy of antiperspirants. Using biomimetic channels filled with natural or artificial sweat, it watches the growth of the antiperspirant clot and measures quantitatively its efficacy.

Testing a formula now only takes 4 hours and provides additional visualization of the clot formation !


How does it work ?


To quantify the antiperspirant effect, the instrument Stabilizes On Demand for as long as needed (SOD4) the contact between sweat and antiperspirant and lets the clot grow in the biomimetic channels. After the clogging period, it determines its resistance to the flow by measuring its release force.



Each experiment provides a microscopic visualization of the clogging phenomenon as well as a quantitative measurement of the antiperspirant effect. Thus, a new product can be tested in half a day !

This new technology offer a new tool for scientist trying to design new antiperspirant, matching the demand for efficacy and safety of tomorrow.




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