Microfluidic consulting and Foundry

We aim at providing you the best microfluidics solutions to your specific demands. From the conception of turnkey platforms to the fabrication of chips or tools, we provide guidance through all the steps of scientific development.

Scientific consulting

We strongly believe that microfluidic knowledge needs to be advertised and spread among the industrial community. We offer scientific consulting and personalized technological developments to solve our clients’ challenges.

You wonder whether microfluidics could be useful to your project ? Please contact us for more details about our consulting offers !



Microfluidic Foundry

We have a strong experience in microfluidic manufacturing and an access to high quality facilities.

For those who need to stay focused on their work, we offer custom-made, small series production of microfluidic systems, from the design of channels to the creation of complete microfluidic setups.

Our QC system ensures you to get an amazing fabrication quality.

Examples of available technologies

  • Production of microfluidic master mold, silicon wafer structured with SU8 resist, from 1µm to 500µm, simple or multi-layer.
  • Vapor metal deposition.
  • Creation of ultra-thin structured electrodes chrome/gold.
  • Production of custom microfluidic chips.
  • Glass / PDMS chips.
  • Glass / PDMS chips with structured electrodes.
  • PDMS / PDMS chips, flexible and precise cutting.
  • Conception of specific microfluidic circuit.
  • Conception of custom stand for microscopic observation.
  • Custom microfluidic setup : design and installation of turnkey setups.
  • Case studies for fundamental research.
  • Deep profilometric analysis.
  • Integration of Indium electrodes, suitable for a Di-electrophoretic (DEP) function.
  • Production of PDMS stamps to fabricate chips with NOA photoresist technique.
  • Functional prototype design.

You are interested in an additional technology not depicted here ? Microfactory’s team is here to answer your technological questions !

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