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Our Story

Microfactory is a start-up coming from one of the best microfluidic laboratories (www.mmnlab.com ) l’ESPCI (www.espci.fr). The microfluidic is a growing area with different fields applications, our goal is to enhance our know-how in microfluidic by making it available to manufacturers.

In 2016, we developed an artificial biomimetic pore for cosmetic application, tested by majors actors of this area. Smart-Pore™ is the first in vitro test for antiperspirant formulations and it is integrated in our measuring and control instrument SOD4.

The founders

The scientific and strategic committee is made up of three actors with complementary competences.

Fabrice Monti, CEO

PhD / HEC C+ / Co-founder & CEO


Jacques Lewiner

Co-founder / Professor and  Honorary Scientific / Serial entrepreneur


Patrick Tabeling

Co-founder / Research Director in CNRS / Head of the Microfulidics lab at ESPCI (Paris)


Our team

The team is composed of two doctors, a technician and biotechnology intern.

Florent Fouché

PhD / Engineer R&D

Clémence Vergne

PhD / Engineer R&D

Maxime Colin

Licence / Technician R&D

Marilyn Rolfe

Ecole Sup’Biotech / R&D Biotechnology

Our Partners